Mand is an elegant folk-classical genre of singing in Rajasthan, which evolved under the patronage of Rajput kings Thkanedarsi and Zamidars. Mand’s melodic compositions and its song themes, often spoken from the woman’s position, include love, separation and sensuous union of lovers as well as songs of valour, hunting, drinking and other social festivities portraying the lives of Rajput royalties.


A flourishing genre until the shifts in patronage of the late colonial period, Mand is known today in a diminished form, mostly as Kesariya Balam, a popular folk melody from Rajasthan or as a folk raga that has been incorporated into the classical raga-ragini system.


Sung in Marwari and local Rajasthani dialects, Mand songs are universal in theme and speak of the trials of life in society- friendships, betrayal, beauty, pains and exaltations of love.