Neil MacGregor introduced by Tim Supple


From Neil MacGregor, the acclaimed creator of A History of the World in 100 Objects and the ex-director of the British Museum, comes a unique, enthralling exploration of the age of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare lived through a pivotal period in human history. With the discovery of the New World, the horizons of Old Europe were expanding dramatically and long-cherished certainties were crumbling. What were Londoners thinking when they went to see Shakespeare’s plays? What was it like living in their world? Here MacGregor looks at objects from Shakespeare’s life and times and uncovers the fascinating stories behind them. The objects themselves range from the grand, such as the hoard of gold coins that make up the Salcombe treasure, to the very humble, like the battered trunk and worn garments of an unknown pedlar. MacGregor is introduced by acclaimed Shakespearean director, Tim Supple.