Released by Mrinal Pande


“A celestial being is like you and I.

It could be a tree, an ant walking across the floor,

a blade of grass ,a frog in the pond or a shadow

under the tree.

We just need to open ourselves to the universe, even the smallest of being is a divine creation.”


This book has been conceived, written and illustrated as an integrated act of mindfulness. Words, text, and visual embodiments of the meditative process are infused with enigma, ambiguity and insight, presenting open eyed visualisations of unexpected, often disconcerting epiphanies. Originally penned in earthy, colloquial Saraiki, a dialect of Punjab and Sindh.


These poetic tales are journeys and revelations, mental , physical and psychic, that always lead back to self discovery. They are like fantastical journals or diaries, their magic reality contained both in minute details and an obsessive, all seeing vision that is auditory and tangible, and yet clearly accessing other realms and dimensions.
The ‘anhad’ , unheard frequencies that are so much a part of Sikh mysticism, blend with Tantric Buddhist practice, Scandinavian myth and the sound of the Azaan. The robust  translations from Punjabi retain the vigor of the source language. This marriage of words and image, myth and experiential understanding, songs heard and unheard, present a powerful and demanding poetic work that guides the reader through an intense and illuminating landscape.