Released by Keki Daruwalla


“Nature in its bounty had a healing effect on me, it enriched me and I found solace in my own company. It was the beginning of my connection with myself; I started a walk within, found a road to reach my own being. While travelling inside, I also found that travelling outside was also a part of knowing my own self. Photography engulfed me with such intense passion that I thought of making a book of poems with visuals of Dal lake. The tranquil beauty of the place seeped inside me.


I was searching for the known, unknown and beyond for an eternity. Restless to find my natural rhythm I started to pen down my thoughts. These poems are personal, I was writing to myself, to understand myself, not to anyone else in particular. A deep sense of pain lingered in my soul. I didn’t wish to escape from it but wanted to accept it as a part of growing. I could soon see with clarity the true person behind each one and have started to be compassionate towards all gradually. I realised my life was moving in a new direction. A sense of detachment engulfed my being. Solitude was what I preferred. I am never alone as he is always with me, I realised one day. I know myself and I found HIM. These poems are divided into three parts, known, unknown and beyond, and are part of my life’s journey so far.”