Emma Sky, Hardeep Singh Puri and Robert F. Worth in conversation with Jonathan Shainin


Emma Sky was working for the British Council during the invasion of Iraq when the ad went around calling for volunteers. Appalled at what she saw as a wrongful war, she signed up, expecting to be gone for months. Instead, her time in Iraq spanned a decade and became a personal odyssey so unlikely that it could be a work of fiction. Quickly made civilian representative of the CPA in Kirkuk and then political advisor to General Odierno, Sky became valued for her outspoken voice and the unique perspective she offered as an outsider. In her intimate, clear-eyed memoir of her time in Iraq, a young British woman among the men of the U.S. military, Sky provides a vivid portrait of this most controversial of interventions. In conversation with Hardeep Singh Puri, Robert F. Worth and moderator Jonathan Shainin, she explores how and why the Iraq project failed.