Released by  Namita Gokhale and Ruth Padel


The idea of beauty is highly conflicted terrain. Does it only have to do with how things look? Is it merely prettiness? Is it entirely subjective? Does it serve a function? Why do the high priests of the arts and the arguably progressive socio-political thinkers of the day shun it?


Shakti Maira believes that the problem lies with the confused understanding of beauty and with beauty becoming superficially located, quite literally, on the skin. What would happen, he asks, if beauty were to become central to every aspect of our lives: environment, education, economics and governance? Maira engages 18 eminent thinkers in a series of conversations around the difficult, enthralling notion of beauty. What emerges is a deeper understanding and how it is a key to our world; a radical new way of evaluating problems and finding solutions, from the personal to the political, the individual to the universal.