Aarathi Prasad introduced by Bhrigupati Singh


The story of medicine in India is rich and complex — shaped by unique challenges and opportunities, uniting cutting-edge technological developments with ancient cultural traditions; fuelled by political changes which transformed the lives of millions; and moulded by the energy of forceful individuals. Aarathi Prasad reveals how Indian medicine evolved over millennia. Her travels have taken her to bonesetter clinics in Jaipur and Hyderabad, the waiting-rooms of Bollywood’s best plastic surgeons and introduced her to traditional healers as well as the world-beating heart surgeon who is revolutionising treatment of the poor around the globe. From the asthma treatment ‘cure’ that involves swallowing a live fish to mental health initiatives in Mumbai’s Dharavi mega-slum and ground-breaking neuroscience happening inside the Mughal walls of old Delhi, Prasad tells the story of the Indian people, in sickness and in health.